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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kru Thonglor Yalae

Born on the 1st of August 1929 into a Muslim family, Kru Thonglor learned Muay Thai from Grand Master Khet Sriyabhai and also with master Kimseng Tawisid (the last boxing teacher of Grand Master Khet). Kru Thonglor Yalae (a.k.a Thong Cheuachaiya) had been on stage for at least 200 times and defeated a famous boxer from Chacheongsao. All of the leading boxers during that time had all been on the stage with Kru Tonglor. He was a very well experienced in boxing and also in Muay Chaiya hard to find anyone equal in talent. Kru Thonglor was one of the most important students of Grand Master Khet. Throughout his life he had dedicated it to transmit the knowledge of Muay Chaiya to his students and other people relentlessly. To those whom he deemed to be virtuous and righteous he would teach them Muay Chaiya regardless of nationality or religion. Some of his important students are Ha and Pat.

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